Ho do I sell out my events with email marketing?

BTW, this platform is awfull!

There’s another place to ask your question, Steve…check out the “E-mail Week” pinned post.

Also, I’m sure the people who run the platform would love to hear any feedback you’d have on how to improve it.

As someone who runs a site myself, I like to hear the “how” instead of just the complaints :wink:


Hi Steve, thanks for posting your question. You might find some useful tips here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/blog/sell-tickets-event-email-marketing-ds0c/
Also Tink Taylor from dotmailer will be answering questions on email marketing from tomorrow on this thread: EMAIL WEEK: Ask Dotmailer's Tink Taylor anything so do ask away.

If you do have any ideas for how to improve this site, content you’d like to see on here, etc. please do message me directly.
Kind regards, Melissa

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