Hosting a concert

Hi there,

My name is Valentino, I’m planning my first big event. It will be a concert. Estimated people arriving is 2000-4000

I’ve never hosted a concert, and that’s why I’m asking here if somebody in here has expirience with concerts?

Thank you very much

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Welcome Tino. Sounds ambitious! @Caroline_Griffin runs the EuroStarz concert and we also have a number of @Festivals organisers, who might be able to help. Do you have specific questions?

Plan for the worst.

Let your imagination run wild in what could go wrong. If you plan for it, it wouldn’t be an unexpected problem on the day.

Hi Valentino,

Do you have anyone designing the flyers or posters for the concert? If not, you might want to check out this site. I can give you a discount code if you need one.