Hosting concerts in your home


I need a bigger house!!

(I moved this to its own thread as it’s such an interesting concept.)

I absolutely love the idea of hosting a concert at home but if you’re only charging £/$10 entry, I guess you’d need quite a number of attendees to make it worth the artist’s while (depending on whether it was a solo artist or a whole band you were having to pay). I might try to organise something with musical friends though, just for the fun of it.

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Oh oops, replied on the other thread, didn’t realise it had been split. Check out Sofar Sounds for ideas. They started off with events in living rooms but now host concerts in all kinds of small quirky spaces

This is fantastic! I’d love to go to one. Too bad they don’t have any gigs near me at the moment. Looks like they’ve had some pretty big stars too.