How did you get started running music events?

Hi everyone

I’m right at the start of putting on music events. In fact, I’m at the bit before the start - brimming with ideas, got the contacts and people who know people, got the experience in making things happen.

I’ve always loved the buzz of putting on events. Every gig or festival I go to I find myself scrutinising the set-up and identifying the little things that make it fly or dive. I’ve run a few things myself, over the years. Seeing your event packed with people (having too good a time to think about the detail) is the best feeling.

However, now I find myself too cautious, which is how I find myself here…

How did you pick your business model? Did you have a day job and more ideas than money? What made you take the leap?

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I was doing music events when I was in university. I mentioned in another thread that, at the time, I hosted a radio program, so it did make community engagement a little easier. These were generally small concerts, and I happened to know a few venue owners, so that helped.

One of my closest friends happened to be studying graphic design, and she was great with designing flyers and posters for the events. I do think a good event design goes a long way, especially when it comes to music events. Getting the right “visual feel” for music really gets the buzz going.