How do I get Facilities Managers to attend my trade show?

I’m being bombarded with media opportunities with FM titles at the moment but I don’t really know that audience so I’d appreciate recommendations from anyone who does. Facilities Management Journal seems the dominant title but do FMs read trade press? .

Hi Melissa,

Is this a facility management trade show or some other kind of show and you are searching to target FM professionals? That’s crucial for defining your strategy.

All the best

Hi Alex, it’s not an FM show but FMs are part of the target audience and I need to get them to see themselves as such. Thanks Melissa

Hi Melissa,

In this case, you have several options:

1.Linkedin /Facebook Job title targeting

2.Google Custom Affinity and/or GSP

In all of the cases be prepared that you wouldn’t get amazing result (I mean it will be expensive)

All the best

Thanks Alex. I did think it might hurt the budget a bit. I’ll investigate anyway and go from there.

In terms of ppc I agree with @alexvelinov that LinkedIn job title targeting would be a good shout. Do you have any data (like an email list) for FMs? If so you could create Lookalike audience in Facebook and advertise to that?

Thanks Nick. No data unfortunately as would be a new audience. Definitely going to test out Facebook advertising. Head mixed reports on LinkedIn but going to test that too.

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