How do you best promote yourself and your services?

Hi all,

I work in events within the Higher Education sector. I’ve been quite lazy with my own self promotion recently, e.g. LinkedIn - not posting many updates etc.

I’m looking to explore the possibility of consulting within the private HE sector but to do so really want to improve my online presence which advertises the breadth of services/experience I can offer.

I’ve been toying with setting up a Wordpress with a custom domain/email etc., but just wanted to gage other’s opinions regarding it/and self promotion in general:

Do you have your own website/domain/online portfolio? Can you offer any suggestions on content/layout? Do you host it through Wordpress or another party?

Or do you keep it all to LinkedIn? And again can you offer any suggestions on making it stand out.

Any and all advice would be appreciated!



P.S: if you could also offer any advice about starting out as an consultant as a side business, that’ll also be appreciated!


@MrVictusMan any thoughts on promoting yourself as a consultant?

Hi @c.battenti I was chatting with @Sara_White just the other day about self-promotion and how I’ve really had to learn to work on that. I always used to think my work spoke for itself but seems you have to tell people about it too!
These days as a freelancer I try to keep my LinkedIn profile updated, post updates such as my latest blog and generally keep in touch with people who’ve hired me or worked with me before. In the three years since I started freelancing all my work has come via contacts. I am going to start checking out websites such as freelancer and fiver though as my workload ebbs and flows and I enjoy variety in my projects. M

Hi Cartney! I use Linkedin, for me it’s the best tool for professional networking, besides you can reduce time for routine work with , sending invitation to contact leads, or messaging is automated.


Hi Linda, do you use LinkedIn Pro or standard? I often wonder if the pro version is worth the money.

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LinkedIn is a great platform to build your (personal) brand, but you need to keep it authentic and consistent. It’s especially important that you target the right audience and don’t just connect with everyone.

In fact, I’ve interviewed a few #Eventprofs on that topic and also wrote a 30-page guide that covers Event Marketing on LinkedIn and personal brand building.

I interviewed one guy who grew an entire event series from scratch just using LinkedIn as his one and only channel. You can check out the whole video + interview here.

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That’s a really great article Carsten - shows what can be done if you have dedication (and time!). I think LinkedIn is certainly the best platform for personal brand building, which can then spawn opportunities. *makes mental note to use LinkedIn more *

Actually, we’ve also just published a guide to promoting your events on LinkedIn. For anyone wanting further reading on the topic, it’s here: