How do you find unique vendors?

Currently, my best method of finding vendors is word of mouth or recommendations. However, I am always looking for what’s new, trendy and unique vendors for my events for food, entertainers, florists, and everywhere in between. How do you all find vendors? Is there a go to website, source, or newsletter? If there were a resource what would it look like if we could create it?


Really interesting question, interested to hear the answers. Not a great answer to your question but are you a Pinterest user? It’s often my go-to if i’m looking for a unique ideas for design etc

As a Vendor, and event organiser myself I would certainly be interested to hear people’s answer to this. I know there are a lot of websites and resources for weddings but not necessarily for other types of events. Trade shows can also be helpful but in my experience you only tend to get bigger more established companies there and won’t necessarily see the trends whilst they are still new.

Hi @lbreuler @Emelia_Ward - A current trend for unique experiences at the moment is the ‘festivalisation of corporate events’ so to help get ideas, I sign up to mailing lists such as:

  • just opened in london (to find new restaurants/venues that might work for corporate events)
  • designmynight (for ideas on things to do/ways to engage attendees)
  • grubclub (quality chefs who may be open to alternative work/events or at least will know someone suitable).

I then reach out directly to the relevant vendor (you can usually find their contact details on instagram or twitter)


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Great ideas thank you @Sabeha_Mohamed