How Do You Price Your Sponsorship? (Poll)

You may have seen this recent post on the Eventbrite Blog about pricing sponsorship, and I thought it’d be cool to see how the community goes about pricing up their sponsorships:


  • I charge everyone about the same to cover my costs
  • I charge on a sliding scale, so larger organisations pay more
  • I don’t offer a price, I take what’s offered
  • I don’t use sponsors, they’re too much work!
  • Other: Tell us in the comments


Looking forward to seeing your responses!

A sliding scale has been the most frequent format I’ve worked with on various events but more based on what they want/are getting than the size of the organisation. Usually there’s a structure with a title sponsor, associate sponsors/category sponsors e.g. registration, feature, theatre, AV and there may be a few smaller partners most likely where I’ve sorted a contra and we’re trading marketing support.

We use a sliding scale, but it’s not based on size of organisation. Sometimes, there are small but well funded startups who stand to gain more from the exposure than anyone. If your ROI will justify you taking the top spot, I’m happy to accomodate, regardless of organisational size.