How do you promote VIP or high value tickets?

If you’re running a luxury, VIP event or want to position some ticket types as high end, what tactics do you use to appeal to customers?

And how do you create an experience that’s actually worthwhile for the ticket buyer?

I think you have to offer some exclusivity and ideally, something that money can’t buy. When I’ve worked with HNW in the past the offering has include access to a part of the event the general public are not admitted to, a private tour with an expert, a private wine tasting, fast track entry, complimentary showguide, complimentary lunch and free re-admission to the same event with a general admittance ticket on another day. Exposure to celebrities/VIPs also goes down well and proximity to any “moments” you’re creating within the event such as a product launch/unveiling/celebrity interview/demo is also a winner.

So many excellent ideas there Melissa. I love the idea of the ‘money-can’t-buy’ experience. Exclusive access to a private venue that is normally not available for events is a compelling one I think.

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