How do you "rejuvenate" your audience at an event?

I was reading this article about 5 event planning trends:

One of the trends is “mindfulness”—how giving your audience “brain breaks” can rejuvenate them and lead to a more successful event.

How have you accomplished this in your own event planning? What are some ideas to establish mindfulness at any event? How has creating a stress-free setting lead to more conversions and sales at your events?

Thanks in advance for your responses :slight_smile:

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I attended a seminar once where there was a bell every 30min or so, and when it sounded we had to get up and move to another seat. The presentation was about 3 hours long (including the time it took to find the other seat), but the getting up and stretching at those intervals helped…with a HUGE caveat: I remember moving seats, but I can’t for the life of me remember what the seminar was about.


Thanks for sharing!

Think of it as a workout. The harder you workout the longer or more intense your relaxation has to be.

A professional athlete has to train hard everyday so they need to have get a massage and/or ice bath to allow for a quick recovery. An average gym goer doesn’t need to have these because it will take a week until he/she will train the same muscle group.

How long is your event? How many speaker are there and how long is each session? How long are the breaks? How “heavy” is the content being presented?

A 3-day technical conference with 2 coffee-breaks and a lunch break requires a totally different rejuvenation strategy than a 3-hour personal development seminar.


Love the insight! Thanks for sharing, Hélio.

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deeply appreciate the share! i found some really good ideas to be honest. might come back with updates after applying a few of them if you’re interested in results

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