How do you select speakers? Do you publish guidelines?

I would be very interested in hearing how youselect speakers for events and whether you publish guidelines etc. We get a lot of inbound inquiries of variable quality and have decided to share publicly the four things we use to select speakers.

Our Speaker Selection Framework. CARE – Content, Authority, Reach, Engagement.

Our framework might put some people off applying but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing is it?

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Hi Mark, thanks for posting this. #toptip

Going to have pass and the canine sidekick though as I’m allergic to dogs. I worked on an event dedicated to dogs last year but couldn’t go on site!!

How does everyone else choose speakers? I suspect budget comes into it a lot and personal contacts. @Conferences people - what are your thoughts/recommendations on selecting speakers?

That’s interesting that you look for speakers who attend your event anyway. That’s one way of ensuring engagement with the community. Do you ever have inspirational figures from other industries though?

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We tend not to in fact. Certainly I wouldn’t encourage applications to speak. There are so many great people in the industry that it is worth going the extra mile to find them from within I think.


Interesting. Do you need to pay speakers from within the industry and if so, do they have a set fee or do you advise on what rate you can offer?