How do you use social media within the event process?

I am currently analysing how event managers use social media as a communication tool within the event process, in particular within corporate events.

The focus of my research is to find out how different sized companies are using social media to identify what the similarities and differences are.

I would be very grateful if you could please fill in my questionnaire using the link below:

The questionnaire will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Many thanks in advance!


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I think social media plays a vital role in promoting any business. As we can create the Event and add all the details about our event. Users get connected to our events easily. And when it comes to the size of the company, According to me, if there is a big organization or a small team of 4 to 5 people, Social Media acts as the lead ocean for them. It takes bit research & study based on our market requirements.

The problem with social media nowadays is that it is ubiquitous. Very few people actually enjoy_ seeing advertisements, and when people realize they are being sold a product/service/event, it could have a negative effect.

As event professionals, you need something to either stick out (like, for example, an eye-catching design) or be really subtle (a picture/video/post where the event is mentioned as a ā€œfind out moreā€).

Our company uses social media specifically to attract event professionalsā€¦for example, our facebook page takes them to articles/stories about the industry, and always includes a link to our site. It works for the most part, but not every event prof needs our service. Our biggest challenge is that, by being first to the market, we have to convince promoters that we are the future of getting event designs done.

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