How events contribute to the wellbeing of a community

The year of 2020 has been atypical (to say the least). With a global pandemic going on in the world, our lives have been confused on the minimum and essential. We go out to work and to buy groceries. The WHO (World Health Organization) has reported that even though 89% of countries reported that mental health is part of their COVID-19 response plans, only 17% of these have full additional funding to cover these activities (I will leave a link at the end in case you want to have more information about these types of numbers).

And this is where the events come in: Unfortunately, events all over the world are being cancelled and more and more people are suffering from anxiety, depression, etc…

Being part of cultural events, art performances, music festival, among many others, contributes to the wellbeing of the society. Participating in these events, as a guest or as a volunteer, is the perfect way to escape from the daily life of 1000 emails per day and busy weekends doing laundry and vacuuming. Not only this develops happiness and a good mental health, the society benefits from the events in so many ways: economic revenue, social interaction between the community, more productivity because people are more inspired to give their best!
What is the first event you are going to attend after COVID 19?

Very interesting topic ! :slight_smile: do you think that virtual events can help people to interact with others and bring a positive experience to our life?

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This year has been strange indeed but I can’t wait for events to restart in 2020. I’m hoping that Glastonbury is the first event I can attend - is there any area of the events sector that you think may not be able to recover from the pandemic?

Definity agree! I can say that during this year, the events industry were one of the most affected areas and even today they continue to look for solutions to become again part of the life of society.
I will go to the first available African event, here in UK or in Portugal! And about you? Many people depend on the social benefits that this industry brings, I am one of them!

Agreed! Mental health is an important topic in all industries nowadays. With social interaction lacking for all of us recently, I am sure events could contribute a lot for the wellbeing of the society!

This was a great read! I cant wait to attend a women empowerment conference. I would also like to attend a sustainability conference.

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