How far will people travel to your event?

I mainly work on exhibition, venue and festival marketing and generally target audiences within c. 90 minutes travel time of the venue. . However, this piece from Exhibition News suggests that experience-loving millennials will happily travel further and stay over night which could provide additional opportunities for organisers.

So how far do your visitors/delegates/guests travel? How far out are you targeting and is this putting your marketing budget under further strain?

At the Llandudno Christmas Fayre we had people travel from all over the UK. Day trip coaches tended to come from the Merseyside, West Yorkshire and West Midlands area. The event also had a steam train trip from London.

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Oh wow…may love a steam train…may have to look into that. Do you target coach operators Dewi or do they come to you?

The event advertises in the Coach Drivers Club Tourism Yearbook every year.

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Good tip, thanks.

Coming from Canada, people are usually “forced” to travel long distances to attend events. I’m fortunate enough to have been born and raised in the Toronto area, where events regularly take place. Aside from the traffic and the horrible public transportation system (from the suburbs), it doesn’t take too much effort to get to, say, a fundraiser or film festival.

There are, however, people who will happily drive 4 hours to attend events in the city, and a lot of Toronto-based event organizers use all of Ontario (and Quebec) as target markets. It might seem crazy (and when I lived in Europe, people thought I was exaggerating the distances), but it’s true.

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Wow Sachin, that’s amazing! I suppose you work with the norms in whatever country you’re staging the event but an eight hour round trip is quite an ask.

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I agree…8 hours does seem like a lot, but I guess if the event is worth it, people will make the trek. Obviously, attendees who are travelling such distances would make a few days out of it, but I’ve known more than a few people who will easily commute long distances just for a night.

Reminds me of an old saying about how (North) Americans think 100 years is a long time, and Europeans think 100 kilometers is a long distance.


I actually commissioned the research used in this piece and was interested to see that many people want to turn going to an event into a bigger experience. They actually like the idea of getting a hotel room, staying over, exploring the local area etc. so it makes sense to offer event goers the opportunity to do that. It opens up all sorts of extra revenue streams for organisers.

That’s a great saying Sachin. I’ve never heard that before. :grinning: