How have you valued your event assets for sponsorship?

Event sponsorship remains a tough gig to sell so pitching the pricing appropriately for your target market is essential. I’d like to hear how people are going about that? Are you ‘taking a view,’ basing it on what the competition is charging,working it out based on the cost of equivalent exposure in other media or something else? .

We’ve so far not gone down the sponsorship route, but it is something we’re looking to do in the future. Mainly to lay on the odd event here and there which has lots of added value, whilst keeping the meeting free/low cost.

So far we’ve done well with our venues who have offered putting on food etc for free, in return for us providing the crowd. Seemingly that has been a success for them as well as for us.

The only thing we’ve had so far is a big roller banner produced for us by one of our members, in return for putting their logo at the bottom of it ‘donated by…’ etc which is great (- as both myself and my team do this for free, we don’t have marketing spend for stuff like that - it’d otherwise come out of our own pocket!)

But as our reputation in the Midlands continues to grow, having sponsored events is certainly something we’re looking to trial, so I’ll be watching this thread with interest…


Thanks Richard. It’s tricky turf so best of luck with that and do let us know how you get on.