How important is it to you to provide food that is 'healthy' for your attendees?

For the last few years I’ve been seeing venues promoting ‘brain food’ and ‘healthy meeting’ packages. Is the nutritional content something you think about when booking catering or do you simply look for the best value?


I think it would be better for venues to provide locally sourced food. It shows that they are supporting the local community and will create more loyalty from the locals.

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Based on the data we have, In the tech event space pizza & beer is by far the most common type of refreshment offered. I think a lot of attendees would like more variety, especially of the healthy kind.

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Yes, that’s a major trend too. @simon I went to a little event at MIT in Boston and they had the most delicious salads (alongside some pizza!). It really was a nice change actually.

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Totally agree. That always impresses me.

It’s Monday morning so I definitely need some brain food!! I don’t normally get involved in catering decisions but as an event visitor I am delighted/relieved if there is at least one veggie option.