How much does it really cost to run an event?

After analysing the results of the Eventbrite 2018 Pulse survey I was really surprised at how little organisers spend on their events. Most budget no more than £500 for each line item - including venue hire! Is this in line with your spending per event?


£500.00! wow! I guess it depends on the event. My budgets (these days) range from £0 to 200K subject each event and each clients etc Historically i’ve higher budget but those days a re long gone - at least for conferencing

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Yes, I was surprised too! Which line item do you generally spend the most on?

Sadly Venue/Catering followed by AV. I find securing budget for marketing can be tricky.

I find some venue costs extortionate with overnight hold used as a ransom.

Overnight hold - is that so you can have access for set up the day before? Are there venues that don’t charge a fee for this?

Yes overnight hold is usually when you’re planning set up before the event.
Some will also charge for in-between nights.

I ran an event last year where the overnight hold fee was 10K. You can risk and not book in advance. Usually if there space is available nearer the time they will offer for a nominal fee/sometime free or simply for staffing.

Wow that’s crazy. So if you have a 2-day event, you might have to pay to keep your stuff in there overnight? I don’t get that - it’s not like they’re going to be using the space in between time (unless it’s a night club!). I would have thought 2-day hire would encompass overnight.

It depends on the venue (and type of venue). The 10k in question was for the overnight set-up the day before (so from midnight until 6am, the event was live at 9am)!!

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