How much should it cost to provide free tea and coffee for attendees?


I am organizing a Meet the Buyer Event for November and wonder if any one has any ideas / suggestions on venue Tea & Coffee prices. We would like to offer free flow T & C for the duration of the event but the costs quoted are nearly as much as the venue! has any one got any suggestions for me?
Kindest Lynne

Hi Lynne in my experience this has been around £2.50 per head. What kind of cost are you being quoted? Would be interested to hear other people’s experiences. Where’s your event being held?

£5.00 a head which is a tad expensive. Thank you for your comment… I have gone back and asked if there is any wriggle room.

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The prices at the hotels are quite high and often double the cost.

I attended events where there was no refreshments provided. Some venues allow you to have your own refreshments but I doubt the hotels are amongs them.

Thank you, I think I may have negotiated a better deal but need to do some sums first

Depends on the venue and quality, but in Central London (Westminster), I am paying £2.70 a head for filter coffee and a tea selection. Biscuits are extra - 80p a head.



Thank you,

After just spending the weekend in the City that seems very cheap!
I have negotiated £14 a flask which holds approx. 8 cups.
Thank you for your advice.


Hi Lynne, it’s £1.70 pp where I work.

Hi I’m interested in this for a future event. Can I have you venue details if possible please? Thanks