How much space is needed for an Outdoor Festival for 600 people?

Hi Everyone,

I am launching a new festival called No Planet B Festival, this August 17-19th.

Please could someone offer their advice in how much space is required for an outdoor festival for 600-800 people.

We will be having two main tipi tents for talks, workshops and yoga/activities, 7 Food vendors, 10 commerical stalls, an outdoor music area and then space for parking & camping.

The main reason I am asking this is to start creating a detailed floor plan and source quotes for fencing.

Any help would be very much appreciated!


Wow, sounds great! Can any of our @Festivals members help with this one?

Iā€™d consider the space required for each activity i.e I ran a community festival years ago and had to work with a pre-designated site. The festival included a community graffiti wall, worm charming, a rock climbing wall, battle of the bands, dog show, Welly Wanging etc - in addition to arts and craft workshops and food stalls. Each activity will have a space requirements before adding people i.e Welly Wanging needs a run up of 10ft in addition to a wide space to allow for the longest and wides angel - this was where i started etc


For a standing crowd at a concert, bar area etc it is recommended to have 0.5 square meter per person and an arms length loosely packed crowd it is recommended to have 1 square meter per person.