How often do you use maps for your events?

Hi everyone,

I have a condition, and it’s serious. I’m told that admission is the first step to recovery, but I don’t think I’ll get better. See, I’m an incurable maphead. I love maps—the pretty ones, the ugly ones, even the “OMG I can’t believe how wrong it is” ones. Whenever I attend conferences or events I check the collateral and branding for a map—sometimes because it’s a new city I’ve never been to, sometimes because I want to see if the map is designed well, sometimes because I just…well, like I said, I have a condition.

Anyway, I’m curious how often those of you who plan events use, create, or commission maps for your branding—and how useful (or not) they are for your attendees. I feel like maps might be a big hurdle for some events on a budget, especially since we all have maps on our phones, but in my (admittedly skewed) experience, I’ve always enjoyed seeing how an event presents itself in terms of its venue, location, city, or region. It seems like a great opportunity for local pride and boosting.

That’s a roundabout way to introduce myself, but I am curious. What do you think? Are event maps a necessity or a luxury—or does it depend on the event?


I plan outdoor consumer festivals, and yes maps are essential. I’ve gone all digital and almost exclusively use overlay tools to google maps for my events. It’s a familiar enough interface for people and required little to no additonal learning curve for the end users.


I’ve found the floor plan maps at exhibitions to be universally rubbish. I would like to have an interactive floor plan where I could select the stand I wanted to visit and then be guided there by sat nav. Not sure if that’s something that’s currently available?

Hi Ben, thanks for your reply. Is this the Google Maps tool you use?

No I’ve not used that one before. I create layers on top of Google Maps with MyMaps, then embed the points or map into a mobile first web page, which has code addded to add the user’s actual location in reference to the MyMap points.