How to attract more men to my event?

I host an event “Let’s Drink to that” a Conversation Between the Sexes on Love and Relationships. Majority of the attendee were women and couples. However, to create rich dialogue I need more single men to attend. Any suggestions from men on wording that would make my event more enticing to men?

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Hi @jiyyah why should they want to come? What’s in it for them?

If you’re targeting the promotional material to single men, I’d go with something along the lines of “Discover What Women Really Want.” It sounds cheesy, I know…but it is slightly classier than “Meet sexy singles in your area” (which likely isn’t the point of the event).

If alcohol is being served (and is cheap), that’s an easy motivator for guys and should be mentioned on the flyer. This might sound stereotypical, but A picture of a whiskey glass or a pint of beer will at the very least pique some curiosity…that being said, I’m not sure you’d want a lot of drunken single men discussing love and relationships, as it likely won’t make for the most congenial of dialogues.

In this era of divisiveness between men who want to discuss their feelings and those who think “My grandfather didn’t discuss his feelings on the beaches of Normandy” (or whatever toxic masculinity trope they decide to use), another avenue could be a sort of call-out to “real men.” As a former 20-something single guy, one of the easiest ways to make me and my group of friends do something was to tell us that we aren’t able to do it.

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So there we have it, reverse psychology is the best way to get what you want from men :joy:

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