How to avoid Invitations going to spam?

Hi, I have sent out invites - I can click on to see who had opened, clicked on and registered. There are quite a few with “sent” - I have rung a few people and the invite is in spam.
How do i get around this?


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Hi @sarahbeth
thanks for posting this. I think a lot of us have come up against this. Just found these top tips Definitely some learnings for me here. A lot of people use a large hero image but that seems to be a no no.

Also you can test your email before you send it here:

Hope that helps. Let us know how you get on.
Best wishes, Melissa


Yep, emails going awry is the everlasting problem!

I’ll be checking out the Mail Tester link though, looks useful. Thanks for posting @MelissaJane

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Which email marketing provider did you use? I’m guessing it was an HTML email, did you also include a plain text version?

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No problem. I’ve not used it yet myself. It was the first one I found when I googled so I would love to hear if it’s any good or others have found better versions.

Thanks I will take a look - for now I added the contact name into the contacts if it was a generic email which has helped. I found myself also emailing to say an invitation would be in the trash / spam so please take a look (luckily I am not trying to sell anything as this wouldn’t be of use!!)

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