How to boost last-minute ticket sales for a concert - ideas please!

Hi everyone!

I’m part of an events team that organizes an annual concert called EuroStarz, which features artists who have entered the Eurovision Song Contest.

Now in its third year, our next event is on 18 August. Despite over 700 followers on our Facebook page, positive coverage from other fan groups, teaming up with a Media Partner called ESC Bubble and a Headline Act who is a previous Eurovision winner, we are having problems selling out full target of tickets, which is 150. We are only getting half of that.

Any ideas on how to boost ticket sales at this late stage?

Also, we feature six artists, but I was thinking of scaling this back to four for the future, and having the focus on quality rather than quantity. This is because (1) budget considerations and (2) looking after 6 artists on the day of the concert is hard work, especially when some come from abroad. The EuroStarz team does this as a hobby, outside of our normal work. There are only three of us, and I was thinking of putting out a call for volunteers to join our team to lighten the load.

Any input you can give would be welcome.


EuroStarz Events Team

Hi Caroline, have you got the artists themselves involved in the promotion? They should be using their social media channels, maybe running some competitions. You should also do some Facebook advertising to target people who are likely to be interested, located in the catchment area of the venue (using lookalike audiences). You might find some more useful ideas here:

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Hi Belinda

Thank you so much for your reply.

In answer to your questions - yes, the artists, their management, the venue and the official fan club are all helping to promote. The good news is that we have a very hard core of devotees who are happy to come, and we need to build more on that. Most of the tickets we’ve sold have been within the first week of sale, but that’s now stalled.

We did do an extensive flyer campaign in April, when there was the London Eurovision Party. However, it’s a long period from April to August and so most have forgotten.

We have hired a videographer this year, and we hope to launch a YouTube channel, and perhaps make more use of video to promote ourselves.

In the meantime, thank you so much for your advice.


Forgot to mention that we did a post concert survey last year, and almost all the comments were positive. The only negative was the venue, but we were aware of this and have addressed this issue by booking a better venue this year.

Thx for your help.

Hi Caroline, that’s great that you have hardcore devotees! Could you run a retargeting campaign on FB for those who have shown interest in the past? Sounds like it would be good to jog their memories. You might also want to consider a Groupon or Wowcher deal? You have to take a big hit on profit but it’s great exposure and could get your venue sold out. Do you stand to make money from merchandise or refreshment sales?