How to Master Facebook Advertising and Sell More Tickets

Hi guys I recently wrote a guide on Facebook advertising and events that I wanted to share with you all for a couple of reasons,
a) because hopefully it might be useful to those of you that run Facebook campaigns, or want to, and
b) I would love any feedback you guys have (I talk about this topic a fair bit at seminars etc, but would love to know if it all makes sense in a written guide!).

Anyway the guide can be downloaded for free here on our blog.

What’s in the guide?

  • Some key insights that will you help you unlock the full potential of Facebook Ads for selling tickets.
  • Why Facebook is a great place to advertise to your target customers, whatever your event is.
  • The secrets to finding these target customers on Facebook.
  • How to combine all this into a complete Facebook advertising strategy that will drive more ticket sales at a strong ROI.
  • How this strategy can easily and continually be improved to help you spend less whilst selling more

Enjoy and please let me know your feedback!