How to Perfectly Setup Google Analytics to Measure Conversions for Events?

Hey, there.

Could please provide me some tips on setting up Google Analytics conversion measurements? I’ve configured GA considering the /register page as the application/conversion. However, it would be awesome if I could link conversion metrics to specific buyers. Some people may buy tickets for several others and, once there are different kind of attendees, I could gain better insights if I could better link GA’s info with Eventbrite’s.

Well, it would be great understanding how you optimize GA for your events.



Hey Alexandre

I might be able to help you! Could explain a little more, or perhaps give an example, or what data you would like to be able to see?

Hi, Nick. Thanks for your response.

Well, basically, I intend to optimize my promotion initiatives in order to maximize events’ return. In order to do that, I’m trying to setup GA in a way I can better assess which channel led into which conversion.

For example, I hang some posters on university’s walls in which the event is going to happen. I’ve noticed it is linked with 3 conversions in GA. However, once I’ve setup GA conversion based on “/register” Eventbrite page, I’m not sure how many tickets I’ve sold and who was the person that bought it.

First, let’s imagine these 3 conversions (/register page visitation) were from 3 individual entrepreneurs.
Now let’s imagine they were sold to 3 company buyers that bought 3 tickets each (for company’s employees).

These two examples lead to 2 two different conclusions (number of tickets is higher on the second example: 3 vs. 9). The personas are different too. Let’s say I’m focusing on the entrepreneurs. Even having sold only 3 tickets, posters are a valuable promotion channel. Etc, etc…

So, how do you setup GA for assessing tickets conversion? Is with “/register” page too? Is this the best way to do that?

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Hi Alexandre

So if you set up a ‘destination’ based goal to show a conversion whenever anyone visits the /registration page, you won’t be able to see individual tickets sold within that order, as all the goal does is tell Google that someone visited that page.

However, you can easily achieve what your aiming to do by setting up cross domain and ecommerce tracking with Eventbrite - this will then send back specific order details (such as # of tickets bought) to Google Analytics so you can then see what promotion channels are driving ticket sales. Here’s an article that explains how to do that:

Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Hello, Nick! Thanks for your response.

Unfortunately, it is more complicated than I thought. :slight_smile:

Once it requires some coding skills, I don’t count with a developer and I’m dealing with other events issues, I won’t be able to do it for this event. However, I’m pretty sure this feature could benefit every event organizer a lot. Certainly, I’ll try it for the next event!

Here is another link that might help…

Thanks again for your time!


Hi Alexandre,

I little late here but here’s a video showing Cross Domain Tracking set up step by step:

Cross domain tracking will solve your ‘source’ issue in Google Analytics so that you can see where people started their journey to purchase from. Then you can optimize to put more posters up, run more Facebook ads, and send out more flyers :slight_smile:


We wrote a guide on this topic a few weeks ago. Hope someone might find this helpful: