How to raise an event’s participants attention on environmental legacy?

Mega events, such as Olympic games, FIFA World Cup and Music Festivals, bring together thousands of participants every year. We like to attend such events, to meet new people and share an unique experience together, to show our status, especially in the era of social media, where we can share our daily activities with the followers. But have we ever thought about, how these events and our activities during the participation influence an impact on environment, months and years after the event?

The fact is, that event organisers pay more attention to plan all aspects of event process accordingly with the stakeholder’s collaboration (sponsors, suppliers, local government, etc.), than it was in previous years. They implement the range of initiatives and processes to reduce the negative impact on environment. Good example of this approach is the Event greening, as a process of incorporating environmentally and socially responsible decision, while planning every step of an event. The aim of that process is to reduce the negative environmental impacts, such as: carbon emission, effect on biodiversity and waste production, but also to implement the sustainable performance, enhance the local investments and apply “green” principles into every aspect of the event.

Furthermore, the development of ISO 20121 standard, helped the event industry to mainly focus on sustainability while delivering an event. It considers different areas of an event, like geography, culture and socio demographic, and enable the event planners and businesses to identify the potential impacts and how to reduce them to create a positive legacy.

All these initiatives are very important and necessary to follow by the event organisers, but what we can do as an event’s participants to reduce negative impacts of an events? I think it is important to start thinking about environment from the smaller, local scale, for example to implement the changes in our households, like recycling, reduce usage of plastic bottles and energy saving. We should also educate our children how important is the environment for our future life. These behaviours will help to be more aware of how the huge people gatherings (music festivals, Olympic games) can negatively impact the environment. What other ideas and initiatives, can we implement to raise an event’s participants attention on environmental legacy?

More about the Event greening here:


In my opinion it is very important to think about this topic! Everyone can help the environment. The event planners can do small things like choosing greener venues, or choosing a location with toilets (to avoid the use of portable toilets). The participants can incorporate easy actions in the events that they attend like taking with them reusable water bottles, use a virtual ticket to entry the event instead of printing one…
Every action contributes to a better and greener world! :smiley:

This is a great read, and the links are really interesting. I definitely agree that we should be doing more, as participants and event creators, to make events greener, and ‘Event greening’ as a concept is a brilliant way of doing this. Have you read/researched any events, as examples, that have successfully made their events greener?

Thank you for your comment :slight_smile: I completely agree with you, sometimes the smallest changes can make a huge difference ! I really like your idea about virtual tickets, especially now where the social media are so popular and available to everyone. It is really complex topic, but definitely worth to consider while planning an event :slight_smile:

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Thank you :slight_smile: I think the great example of “green” event is the Green Man Festival in Wales - they implemented lots of ideas , to make the event environmental friendly, such as alternative power sources (solar phone charging) reusable cups, cycle trips to the festival, etc. Please see the link below, to find more solutions and inspirations on how to make an event “greener” :slight_smile:

This is a very interesting topic that I also had the pleasure of study! I have previously argued that events should raise awareness among participants in a more personal way, making them realize that their less sustainable practices will have an impact on their children and future grandchildren. Imagine that during a musical event for adults, there would be entertainment for the younger ones with sustainable activities, so that from a young age they have a concern with this theme? In this sense, while the adults enjoy a sustainable event, the child contribute for future positive impacts :slight_smile:

Very insightful! We can definetely do more, both as attendees and as future event managers.