How to Start a Marketplace for Booking Performers, Entertainment and Event Planners

Anyone Tell me how to start a marketplace for booking performers, entertainment and event planners. Is there any product based company who create the website

Hi Ramesh, do you mean you want to set up a website/business similar to this?

You can use ShareTribe for building any kind of marketplace:

Thanks Belinda

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I see that encore musicians are making a good fist of this

I was not aware of Encore. Looks like a great platform. Life must be getting harder for traditional entertainment agencies.

Yes the growth of apps and online booking platforms - such as Encore, Entertainers Worldwide and of course using Eventbrite should in theory make finding work for entertainers and event services easier as well as helping organisers and planners search, find and choose the right people to book for their events.`


These guys seem interesting; - haven’t properly used them myself but interested if any others have.

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