How will 5G transform events?

With Samsung & Intel debuting 5G technology to stream live VR coverage at the recent PyeongChang Winter Olympics and major roll out of 5G expected next year, it holds great potential to transform live events through improved connectivity, enhanced visitor experiences and additional revenue streams.

I love this infographic which shows some of the opportunities 5G may bring:

Are any of our @venues @SEC and @Sports members looking into 5G investment yet?

Bring on the 5G! I’m looking forward to the day when we all look back and laugh about how crappy internet connection used to be. So sick of the buffering on my “smart” TV!!

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Wondering whether this will overcome the challenges of internet connection for exhibitors at venues. Really hope so. Anything which aids exhibitors to do more business at the show is good for all parties. Bring 5G on!