I Need Help Simplifying My Event Budget

I Need help simplifying my event budget. can anyone help?

How can I make it work so it’s easy to understand?

The budget is for a retreat so I’m including cost of accommodation which have 2 rooms per apartment, cost of practitioners, cost of apartments for the practitioners, marketing, Cleaning cost and welcome gift cost. Any suggestions?

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Hi Gordana,
thanks for posting. Budget management can easily be a full time job when you really want to get on with making the events happen.

You may find some useful help on this thread from last year: Staying on budget

Also there are some great tips on this blog:

and there’s a handy budget template here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/blog/event-budget-template/

Best of luck! Let us kow how you get on.

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Do you mean so you have a better view of your margin? If so, you might find these calculations helpful:

Subtract the total cost of the event from the total sales revenue and then divide by total cost of the event. The result is expressed as a percentage, which you multiply by 100. For example, if an event cost £1,000 to stage and generated £2,500 in revenue the sum would look like:

£2,500 – £1,000 = £1,500
£1,500 ÷ £1,000 = 1.5
1.5 x 100 = 150% event ROI

Another way to calculate event ROI is dividing the total revenue by the total event cost. The resulting number is expressed in pounds e.g. £2.50 was generated for every £1 invested. Using these easy calculations, you can set out at the start of planning your event what you hope to achieve in terms of ROI.

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Thank you ladies, very helpful tips, I will need to work on my budgeting some more, also realized what layout I find easy to understand isn’t for others, so I need to adapt a bit.