Ideas and inspiration needed for events in a war-torn country

Hello. I am Prisco Diko from Cameroon, entertainment event organizer. There comes a time when you feel like you are stuck somewhere, no ideas, no one to talk, no inspiration, sometimes I wonder if there’s anyone out there that goes through what I’m going through?

It’s good to have new friends and business partners, people who after talking with you, you begin to see event ideas generating themselves.

I’m open and willing to learn, support and coach

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Hi Prisco, I don’t think you’re alone in feeling a bit isolated. It’s very common for freelancers working from home. Do you have any local networking groups you could join or perhaps a co-working space you could work from occasionally? Maybe reach out to other event professionals near by via LinkedIn and suggest a monthly get together? Of course, you can also find support from your peers here :blush:

Well. Actually at this moment my country is going through a civil war , and also gets curfew from 9 pm to 6 am which makes it almost impossible to organize an event to attract the population, but at this moment, the people need something to look up to, the people wanna have fun and they are all looking up to me, but I don’t know what to introduce in the middle of this crises that will make people relax, I was hoping to get some positive ideas from this forum , the previous events I use to have I feel it can’t work again they need a new thing, innovation… :pensive:

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You are certainly working under very challenging conditions. Check out this inspiring article about electronic music events in Syria (also at war) :

Music is a wonderful way to unite and uplift. Maybe you could stage a day time rave? Drink and drug-free morning parties have become massively popular around the globe:

Thank you Belinda I appreciate and celebrate you alot.

I’ll go through the article you send to me and get back to you.

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