Ideas for alternative display materials


I often organise small consultation events at local venues, and quite often will use the same media / format to show materials. These include roller banners, larger pop up banners, foam boards with maps showing the local area etc.

I’m wondering if anyone has any advice on alternative materials that I could try for future events.

Quite often I have to show pretty technical information, with lots of maps and diagrams, and maps of the local area.

I’d love to engage more with the attendees through display materials, so any ideas you could give me would be much appreciated!


Hi May I thought this sounded like an interesting one so I moved it to its own topic :slight_smile:

Just to get a better picture, what’s the aim of your events? What are you trying to achieve with your display materials?


You don’t’ mention slides, do you use these to display?

Using animation in slides is a great way to add layers onto visual data.

Also do you have a window/white board? Writing diagrams onto something like this with markers might be an option? Depending on your drawing skills and visuals to display of course!

Creating a 3D section of a map- as a model?