Ideas for low cost promotional events

Hello Everyone,
I am Amarjeet Kaur, I work as an Area Supervisor in a company called Opal Marketing Group Inc, which is an Advertising company. We have our clients like Audi, Nielsen and many more.
Currently, our focus is on Nielsen promotion (the biggest market research company, that do research on customers likes and dislikes, then bring changes in our day to day buying products. They do surveys and research on our buying habits) but due to a limited budget we are not allowed to do a big event for Nielsen promotion, and we have to work SMART.
So I need your help for knowing how we can promote Nielsen without spending much money?
Please help me, because I want people should know about Nielsen as much as they can.

I would imagine some smaller showcase events where you invite key individuals from target companies would be effective. Perhaps a roundtable to discuss some hot topics?

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