Ideas for making your exhibition more attractive to exhibitors

I came across this article about how exhibition organisers can add more value for exhibitors. One idea was incentivising exhibitors to make their stands more interesting by offering a discount on the stand fee. I really liked this because it also benefits the attendees. What other ways are there to work with your exhibitors so everyone benefits?

Display Wizard has produced some new research into what exhibitors at trade shows want. Here are some interesting insights:

  • The quality of attendees is the most important factor when choosing a trade show
  • Most people spend £500-2,000 annually on trade show stand displays
  • The biggest problem people have with exhibiting is the cost, but second to this is the difficulty of measuring ROI
  • According to 48%, having an eye-catching stand is the best way to increase footfall

Hi all,
@Belinda_Booker it’s very interesting and important for a lot of business to invest and sell their products, which less and less people are investing in networking at exhibitions.

I think to make it more attractive (for us certainly) if the cost doesn’t change, is to add more things in to it. For example, free food for the exhibitiors, pre event net working event with the other exhibitiors … I’m sure others can pitch in too!

Best wishes