Ideas for promoting a theatre performance

Hi Guys

We need some advise on how to best promote our event
facebook event page is very expensive, so far we have spent too much.

Selling tickets
Promotion avenues
and more

The Event is on the 7th April 18 in Maidstone

Thank You

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Use the @ to tag the venue, local newspapers, council and any other local influencers you can find.


Hi Sam, thanks for posting. I’ve just posted details of your gig on two pages I run on Facebook: and
Hope that helps.

I would also talk to the venue and see what they can do for you if anything. Maybe they could include you in an email to members or put posters up in the changing rooms if you’ve not been down that route already. Tag the venue into any posts you’re doing on Facebook/Twitter too and use #Maidstone on Twitter.

You can submit details of your event here: to get listed on the Kent Messenger’s website which covers Maidstone. These might be worth a try too:,0.5289)/

I would also take some flyers in and around Maidstone if you have them and get them up on supermarket noticebaords, community centres, libraries, in pubs etc.

Good luck!

Super advice!

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Thanks, used to live near Maidstone and have promoted various gigs over the years.

Theatre is a tough one, but far from impossible. Have you tried local (community) radio stations? I used to host a radio show years ago (in Ottawa). It was a campus/community station, meaning none of us were getting paid. The nice part of that is that we weren’t beholden to advertisers…and aside from music, we needed to fill air time.

I’m sure a quick interview (live or taped) would get you a pretty good reach. It’s an old medium, but one that people still use.

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Good suggestion @promoterGO - KMFM is probably the best bet here. Heart radio also cover the area but are far more restricted on what they can cover. Probably worth sending them a press release though and giving them a ring. You never know!!

You might also be able to list your show here: as it’s show /film related.


Thank you very Much, that was really useful.

Thank you!

Would love to send you some free tickets for your help, please could email us

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Thanks Sam, that’s very kind but that’s why we’re here! I’m actually singing in a choir concert that night myself but thank you anyway and I hope you have a great night!