I'm Designing Affordable Event Management Software - What Features Should I Include?

Hey Guys!

A little introduction about myself first; I’m a software engineer at a large leading creative digital company. I have found myself with some free time lately so have been tinkering with some ideas of software I could build. My fiancee is a marketing manager for a medium sized festival (about 10,000 people and growing every year).

Something I noticed is that she is having a hard time finding software at an affordable price to make the even more engaging for the festival goers (Timetables, Presenters, Vendors, Discovery etc). There are options out there like Greencopper which is nicely designed (somewhat) that offer a wide range of features but are not in budget for the company. The cheaper solutions seem horrible and far from user friendly.

I think with my experience I could build something really beautifully crafted using the network of world class designers I have access to while creating some really intelligent software myself. This would be a single app that would host multiple events. The client would have access to a CMS where they can curate their event and make many customisations. The end user would download the app, enter the name of the event (could also use geolocation to open the correct event without the user having to type, provided they allow access) and have all the events information at their fingertips, presented in a really beautiful way.

As far as getting user to actually download and engage with the app, I’m thinking some sort of incentive system has to be in place. (many check ins can unlock VIP access and things of this nature). If we can get the users engaged then that also means more useful data can be collected about their behaviour etc.

Before I get too ahead of myself, I just want to ask you guys if this is something you feel is missing in your industry? Am I missing an option already out there similar to what I’ve described?

Would love to hear any thoughts on this!

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Hi Scott, sounds like a great initiative. So are you saying that the app wouldn’t be branded to the particular event? It would have its own brand name and those who download it could use it for multiple events they attend (providing the event they are attending is using it)? I think from an attendee perspective, that is something that’s missing currently but you’d have to get such a critical mass of events to make the app something that actually gets used more than once. There are some pretty good, affordable options for white label event apps. I would recommend thoroughly checking out the competition to ensure you build something with a USP. Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply Belinda.

It look s like there is already a lot of stiff competition out there and Guidebook actually seems to now be offering to host events within their container app like I was planning.

I think I’ll have to go back to the drawing board…


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Perhaps check out these threads where planners are talking about software/tools and the functionality they wish they had:

Good luck!