I'm looking for examples of cool creative stunts used to publicise events!

Hi all,

I’m writing a feature for Eventbrite UK on examples of creative stunts used to advertise events (either prior to the event itself or at the event). If you have one, please do get in touch - and it doesn’t have to be one you’ve been involved with.

I’ll need 250 words on what the stunt was, the context, engagement stats/public reaction and your thoughts on why it worked so well. I’m also after high-res images, if you have 'em. It’ll be great publicity for the brand/event in question, with the added bonus of seeing your name in lights too!

It would be great to get this by close of play Friday - please shout if you have any questions at all!

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Hey Jess!

I’ve got a pretty cool one, and for a great cause too!

Printkick Merchandise worked with ADHD Foundation and other sponsors to create “The Umbrella Project”. It was a joint celebration of the foundation’s 10th anniversary, and a street art project to raise awareness of the spectrum of conditions under the umbrella of ADHD. Having the stigma of letters like ASD or ADHD can have a further detrimental impact on children’s wellbeing, and some of them referred to themselves as “the alphabet kids”. The project aimed to highlight the positive aspects of their personality, with 200 brightly coloured umbrellas suspended across a main thoroughfare in Liverpool city centre and a launch party to celebrate.

On an aptly rainy morning, the launch party included local politicians, media, members of the public, and of course, children from local schools. Decorating the umbrellas with “super powers”, helped the children to focus on skills and strengths and turn their conditions from a label into a positive message for the community. Local businesses could sponsor an umbrella which was donated to support families, and display them in their premises after the event. Shankley Hotel and Signature Living had the umbrellas set up in their foyer which provided a great introduction and longer term marketing for the event.

The umbrella project provided shelter and a social media sensation over for a month afterwards, with the Mayor of Liverpool reiterating that “Liverpool City Council is fully committed to supporting the education, mental health and employability of people with ADHD and autism. Raising awareness is fundamental in engaging conversations and promoting the general public’s understanding of ADHD.”

There are plans to bring it back in 2018 for a second run!

There’s a video from ADHD Foundation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFYLGlFFUWY
and a blog from our sister site Umbrellastore here: https://www.umbrellastore.co.uk/the-umbrella-project-raising-awareness-of-adhd-and-autism/
and images on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/search?q=adhd%20umbrella&src=typd

I’ve attached a few images we have permission to use.

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That’s so effective. Love it!