Inifinte Event Clients Acquisition System for Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter in Free Advanced Marketing Program by Neil Patel

How to build your own Infinite Clients Acquisition System with zero paid media budget, looks quite difficult, right? It has become absolutely easy with Free Advanced Marketing Program by Neil Patel

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If you’ve been researching about online marketing & SEO chances are you’ve ran into Neil’s site

He’s one of the more famous digital marketers that’s been hired by some Fortune 500 companies and his site had incredible amounts of organic traffic (he’s been working on it for a minute)

He has created a digital marketing / consulting course where he teaches you all of the different tactics he uses as an online marketer to get leads using paid traffic, capture the lead, nurture the lead, and then convert the lead using automation of webinar replays or rolling product launches.

He also knows how to increase the sale of your pre-existing customers by creating upsells, cross-sells and even creating affiliate opportunities.

This was a very dense course packed chuck full of information.

  • [Course Overview]
  • [The “Cold” Sales Process]
  • [Crafting An Offer They Can’t Refuse!]
  • [The Conversion Sequence]
  • [Back-end Webinar]
  • [Leveraged E-Commerce]
  • [Act 2: Getting and Scaling Traffic]
  • [Facebook Training]
  • [More Advanced Traffic Conversion]
  • [Ramping up Paid Traffic]
  • [Offline & Online Marketing]
  • [Scaling your biz]

Course Overview

Neil Patel is covering everything from email marketing, funnels, crafting offers, paid traffic marketing, & more.

At times feels bit overwhelming to be honest, it seems that he is trying to teach you every online marketing tactics he has ever used for his clients.

But I believe what you use from this course will vary greatly depending on the type of product or service you’re trying to sell.

I think for a complete beginner that has no product or service in mind that they can sell, this course might miss the mark on providing you with step by step process of telling you just exactly what you should be selling, or how you go about creating your product or service, what niche to go into and how.

Anyway here are the main section of the course.

The “Cold” Sales Process

all about creating a tripwire for your business that attracts the leads to you and then creating upsells, cross sells, and 1 click upgrades that’s known to increase salse by TEN times.

Crafting An Offer They Can’t Refuse!

profiling your customer, identifying their needs, creating your hook, framework for great copy writing to sell, simplify the buying process, and how to add more reasons why in your sales pitch

The Conversion Sequence

how to convert your leads into paying customers by using email, re-targetting ads, creating paid membership, affiliate offers, rolling launches where you can use a software to create a product launch every week.

Back-end Webinar

how to do webinar partnership with other influencers, how to provide webinar replays to affiliates, using webinar replay to create never-ending product launches

Leveraged E-Commerce

suggestions on going into pet friendly, organic, green products that’s selling hot right now with 500% markup, he goes into how to find sources for products, how to manage inventory, etc

Act 2: Getting and Scaling Traffic

Neil trains you on display network ads, those banner type of ads you see when visiting other sites. There’s ways to target people based on their online behavior, almost like your spying on them so that you can display your ads to those are already interested. Also goes into how to get affiliates to promote your product for you.

Facebook Training

all about facebook ads, and using retargetting ads and look-alike audiences

More Advanced Traffic Conversion

twitter ads, what to do when your ads aren’t converting, persuasive storylines, and other psychological sales stuff

Ramping up Paid Traffic

how to keep track of the metrics while you scale

Offline & Online Marketing

direct mail and postcards

Scaling your biz