Interaction/engagement/networking at events

Hey everyone,

I’m interested to hear some great ideas to promote interactivity at events that you’ve been to, organised or heard about and wanted to test out.

I think a lot of interaction between attendees can be missed out and isn’t something that is necessarily planned ahead of time and this is where I would love to start the conversation on how to do just that.

For example, one great idea to promote interaction with an unknown audience is to give everyone coloured cards on arrival. Maybe blue, red, green, etc. Then when it is time for lunch or a food break, you give the instruction that everyone should find their matching colour and go introduce themselves.

Anyone have other great examples of ways to get your crowd networking effectively?

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I like the idea of using location technology to notify you when you’re near someone you want to meet. I think that could be really useful for a big event - you could be a bit more strategic about your networking.

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There’s an app called Grip you might be interested in, they’re looking to make networking at events easier.