Is a drug and gang themed party glamourising crime?

Meetpie reports that a recent event hosted by Puma has courted controversy for its gang/drug culture theme. Guests were invited with wads of fake £50 notes and so-called ‘trap’ phones used by drug dealers. Inside the House of Hustle party, which was held in an abandoned Soho mansion, there were blacked out windows and dirty mattresses.

Puma said they were just trying to “celebrate youth culture” and that hustling is just another way of saying “hard work”. Was this event in bad taste? Or are people over reacting?

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Hmm…not buying their “meant in colloquial terms” line… sure they knew exactly what they were doing and it was intentionally open to interpretation to add to the edginess (is that a word?) of the brand. I like that they’ve followed through the concept in all the details but I’m not comfortable with this especially at the moment. Hope it doesn’t lead to copycat private events which are inviting trouble.

Yeah it’s not the best timing with the news coming out of London about the problems with gang/knife crime. Somewhat irresponsible. Nonetheless, I agree that such a fully themed event would be fun to attend.

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