Is a musician for a networking event a bad idea?

Hi Tribers, I’m organising an arts networking event in London and need some help. Basically the event will be for 30-40 people to meet and network. I’m looking to hold it in the private room of a bar, with a cash bar, so people buy their own drinks. No tickets. I’m hoping I can find a bar that will let me do it for free, probably on a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

I’d really like to get an acoustic musician to play, to build the evening around him. In reality this is because the evening needs an “event” to get people to attend and I don’t want to do a talk or discussion.

My question is, how complicated is it to get an acoustic musician to play? What equipment do they need? Do I need insurance, even if it is done in a bar? And given that I’m using the musician as the “event”, and could just as easily use something else like a talk, is it more work than it is worth?

I was advised that it might be easiest to find a small theatre and do it there.

Help! Laura

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Hi Laura
Quick question, who are the people you are hoping to attract and what is the purpose of the networking? In my experience, networking can usually be better facilitated around something like a talk, which would also be better at attracting people with a common interest. Music can be difficult because people have to talk over it… and if they’ve come to the event specifically for the entertainment, they might want to give the musician more of their attention.

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Probably a bit late to jump on this thread now, but yes as @Belinda_Booker said music for networking events can be tricky. If there is a singer in a small room it can be a little awkward as the attendees aren’t sure if they are obliged to watch or not!

I run an instrumental jazz quartet that consciously plays at conversational volume for situations like this ( should it help. I’m Interested and experienced in the subject of live background music generally, so happy to add my two cents worth to this thread if any more questions.

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Hey, this is a great idea to cheer up the audience while presenting them what you want to!
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