Is new legislation the end for white label event app solutions?

Just spotted this in the news and I’d love to know what our techy tribesfolk think:

Interesting story. I actually love the idea that there’s just one app for all sorts of events - you simply go in and select the one you happen to be attending that day. Genius!

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Sounds like there might be a business opportunity there perhaps?

I was thinking that myself. I’ll add it to my long list of ideas, inventions and novel storylines!

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What do your reckon @Marino, maybe Eventbrite should launch an app for event attendees?

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Like this one?


Let’s do it!

Like that, only better! It would be an event app that organisers using Eventbrite could load with their schedules, floor plans, speaker profiles, attendee list etc. Users just have one app on their phone, which they can use for any Eventbrite-organised event they attend (they just go in and select the one they’re attending that day to access the info). That way, they don’t have to download a new app for each event they attend (and it gets around the new legislation for the app store).

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