Is visitor/delegate research worth doing?

I’ve just been sent a questionnaire from the organisers of an event I was unfortunately unable to attend last week. I started my career in research so I’m a big advocate and always recommended at or post event research to clients whether that be using an external research company, using specialist software or creating their own bespoke questionnaires.

Not all organisers find the budget for that or see the value though and I would love to get members’ thoughts on this. Do you undertake visitor research? Does it give you actionable results/learnings to help you create event better events going forward?

It’s always a good idea to ask for feedback, how else do you improve?
At the food festival that I co-organise we ask for stallholder and visitor feedback. We always get little gems of information to improve the next years food festival.

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Thanks Dewi. Do you do the research at the festival or afterwards?

The vast majority of the feedback will be done during the event with some done with stallholders after the event.

Oh ok, and is that via a structured questionnaire or an informal chat?

2 structured questionnaires, one for the public and the other for the stallholders