Lanyards suppliers any suggestions

Just about to order some lanyards and I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions. We like recycled if possible and ideally for them to be manufactured in the UK.

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@KtMcPhee may have a good suggestion here

Hi @Jacqui_Davidson - I used ID & C last time we ordered lanyards (a couple of years ago now). Service was good but they’re not the cheapest and they don’t offer recycled. Not sure where they manufacture.

Please do let me know who you end up using. I too would prefer to use an eco-friendly manufacturer next time.

Thanks @KtMcPhee
We have used The Lanyard Factory in the past and they have been great. I was just wondering if there was better out there :slight_smile:

I have not used them myself, and have no connection with them, but I had this company bookmarked on one of my lists:

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These were on my list too for next time I restock. Again, have not used them and I have no connection with the company.

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A relatively cheap company is Adband:

Another one is On Brand Merchandise

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Not a UK source per se, but I know for anyone running events in Canada (especially in Ontario), has been great for lanyards. Very fast response times, rush deliveries when needed, and I find their product to be a really good quality, with no “bad apple” lanyards in the batch (a problem I’ve had in the past which isn’t fun since you don’t usually find it until the day of).

Hi @Jacqui_Davidson, not to toot our own horn, but can probably help you out here!

Unfortunately finding lanyards that are manufactured in the UK may be a difficulty though - I’ll have to search around for that. Our usual manufacturer makes them from recycled plastic bottles which is pretty neat. You can also find some made out of bamboo too!

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Thank you @KtMcPhee for suggesting us!
I’d agree and say we are not the cheapest, but we do have a range of options to suit different budgets here:

Happy to give Eventtribe users a 10% discount too. Just use ET10

Thought this was worth posting here!

Hi - I always use ebay. The sellers are really cheap and quick . Just seach for ‘lanyards’ on

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Hi - is this the right website address? It send me to an asthma site!

Oops - you’re right!

@amycoco - think the address might be wrong here?

Here’s the correct address - sorry!

Great thing about these badges is that they use magnets - no more pesky holes in your clothes!

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