Laser Barcode Scanners

I want to hire some laser barcode scanners to help aid with the entry management of my event and the scanning of Eventbrite tickets.

I know theres an app that people can use on their phones, but I found the laser scanners more reliable. Ive had a few quotes in but they ahve been ridiculously high, over £100 per scanner and thats just daft pricing to hire in.

Any suggestions? What do you use to scan your tickets for attendees?

Have you had a quote from Eventbrite? They hire out box office/entry management equipment:

Or you can buy your own from £35 (but these are wired). Wireless handheld scanners start from £120 inc VAT. but could be a worthwhile investment if you hold multiple events?

Ive been told by Eventbrite that they are no longer supplying scanner…

To quote their email to me: "Adding scanners into an agreement is not something we will be doing going forward. However, you can always use mobile devices with the Eventbrite Organiser app for check in for no charge at all. "

Thats quite disappointing as the laser scanners were incredibly useful.

How many attendees do you have? I think they’re available to rent (for a fee) if you have over 2k

Hi Nick, its OK, we have around 7000 attendees and Ive managed to negotiate some scanners for 2018 but im still open to new ideas and sources.

Hi. It may well be too late now, but for the record if you need barcode scanners again, we do this at - both 1D and 2D (QR code) scanners are available.


Thanks Nick,

What cost are we looking at for 10x Handheld Barcode / QR scanners that can be loaded with the Eventbrite App software? The last ones we had were also laser ones connected to an Apple Ipod


Hi Mark. Is it Bluetooth scanners you’re looking for, to pair with the Eventbrite Organiser mobile app?

If so, I’m not sure this can be done without the Eventbrite app supporting it, and from a bit of testing today it doesn’t seem to do that.

We could hire the scanners to you to use in ‘batch mode’, i.e. they store the scanned barcodes with a timestamp until they’re downloaded off the scanner later. This data would then need pairing up with your Eventbrite data (which we could do for you) to produce a report of attendees.

If this is of interest please let me know how long you want to hire for, and I’ll DM you some costs.


Hi Mark, quick update from the Eventbrite side:

We can rent out a 4 pack of scanners for £349, as long as you’re VAT registered. You can request them/find out bit more here if you’re interested:


Hi Nick - I’ve run into this before with Eventbrite. We are currently NOT VAT registered and they insist you HAVE to be VAT registered to hire the scanners ( Something we have done for the past 2 years with no problem)

VAT in the UK is not compulsory to have for a small event so why are Eventbrite insisting you have to be VAT registered in order to hire scanners? Not all events organisers are registered so surely that’s holding back their business.

Same reasons why car manufacturers wont honour the warranty unless it’s been serviced by a VAT registered mechanic. Being VAT registered gives the organisation a bit more credibility in the eyes of the lender. It shows that the business is trading at a sufficiently large volume and and somewhat established and therefore likely to be more responsible.

Hi all, I would like to come back to the topic.
Belinda said that if you use a barcode scanner a lot, it is worth buying it and not renting it.
Did any of you buy your own barcode scanner? I am looking for something proven but not the most expensive. Can you recommend something?

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