Learn How To Use This Forum

Not familiar with using a forum? No problem, we’ll have you up to speed in a matter of minutes. Head here to learn how to:

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Community Trust

You might find there's a few things you aren't able to do on this forum straight off the bat.

As you participate here, over time we’ll get to know you, and your temporary new user limitations (such as not being able to private message other users or post attachments) will be lifted. Keep participating and you’ll gain new trust levels that include special abilities to help us manage our community together, like flagging inappropriate posts.

Please Don’t Sell

This is not the place to sell or promote yourself, your work or your business. While this may seem simple, it is vital to the health of this community and quality of the discussion. When honest discussion is replaced by people posting in their own self interest, the value of this community falls.

The only exception to this is with regards to the Suppliers Wanted category. When posting here please adhere to the category rules. For further community guidelines head here.

If you have any further questions about how to use the forum, you can ask a staff member by simply replying to this post.

Welcome to the Tribe - enjoy your stay!