Life after corona

Hey guys
I was listening to a podcast and the guest mentioned that life after Corona for event companies will be difficult due to lack of consumer confidence.

Any thoughts on things we could put in place to encourage consumers to come back to our event spaces?

Any thoughts on what restrictions may be put on venues and events?
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Hi Fredrick,
We have recently launched a free to access website with loads of information on planning for social distancing in the new norm. Check it out at


Hi All, I’d like to share some actions we can all take to protect our industry and by extension our business and livelihoods.

From Ed Poland of Hire Space…

Currently, a significant number of people will be allowed to eat and drink together inside pubs, restaurants & bars. We believe that organised meetings and events of the same scale, with the same COVID-19 safety measures, should also be allowed to be held.

If you also believe this and want to help save jobs across the sector, you can do four things:

1. Sign the Petition

We have started a petition with Mash Media to address this issue. Please sign and share.

2. Email your MP

It’s essential that MPs hear our voice when this is next debated in parliament. Our tool makes contacting your MP easy.

3. Contact the press

If you have any press in your personal network, this is the most effective way to put pressure on the government to recognise the threat to the meeting and events industry. You can use this template letter drafted by Conference News.

4. Be vocal on Social

Use the hashtag #GetBritainMeeting I social posts, and help build momentum behind this campaign.

Together as an industry, we can make a difference here.

Please share amongst peers, friends, family, your milkman and anyone who cares to listen :heart:

Life looks not better in COVID 19 period as all the working people lost their jobs accept the IT professionals.