LinkedIn to grow and promote your event with zero paid media budget

Growing and promoting an event from scratch with zero paid media budget sounds crazy, right?

I’ve recently interviewed Tim Queen from Vivid Talks who did exactly that. (This case study explains it in more detail)

I’m wondering how many of you are actively using LinkedIn to organically to build your brand and promote your event and what works for you?

Should we all connect on LinkedIn? If yes, please share your LinkedIn profile in the thread below.

Mine is and I look forward to connecting with all of you.


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Hi Carsten,

Our company has a LinkedIn profile, but we don’t actively use it as it we see much more engagement with Event Professionals and Promoters through our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook networks.

That being said, I’d love for event promoters from here to follow and/or connect with us on LinkedIn. We’re growing pretty fast this year, so we want to get as many event profs on as we can before we can’t take any more!

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Thank you Sachin.

I also find that LinkedIn company pages don’t necessarily work that well. I was more thinking of your indvidual LinkedIn profile and how you use the network to connect with others professionally and for building relationships with potential clients?


For sure Carsten,

I wanted to put both, but got a phone call while typing. Instead of editing the above comment, I’ll post it here. And I’m also going to plug my articles (only 7 of them) in case you want to learn a little bit more about what we do. Feel free to comment under them, as well!

Looking forward to connecting with the Event Tribers…

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LinkedIn has been great for me in terms of gaining new clients (with no effort), so I’d thoroughly recommend it.

EventTribers can connect with me here:

We are aiming to be a bit more creative with our company LinkedIn page. Currently trying to get some chat going about Ikea’s recent launch for their new and sustainable store in Greenwich. They had a “junk” orchestra with instruments made from reclaimed materials, such a great idea! Follow us here:

Hi this is Wajid Here… I m freelance and working on networking of linkedin. Basically I m a Electrical engineer but I realize that its very import to connect with people through linkedin… So branding is very important to introduce yourself in the professional market.

My Linkedin Profile: