Looking for 5 testers for new unlimited design services launch

Good morning event friends,

I didn’t quite know if this was appropriate to post here. @Belinda_Booker, let me know if it isn’t or maybe it suits more into the London topic as it’s UK focused.

Quick question:
I’m looking for 5 testers for a new launch! Design Buffs. An unlimited month-by-month design team for a flat rate.

Doing a soft launch of a flat-rate design agency that focuses on graphic design for all niches and industries. Ideal to work with agencies, freelancers, marketers, startups, events, etc.

Previously, I’ve been working with platforms like Upwork or Fiverr to do designs or have done them myself. I brought many of these designers in-house.

Now it’s time to scale this offer and I’m looking to test the full flow of logistics for design request submissions, revisions, and final design delivery.

Looking for a few businesses to test it out. This is at no cost to the testers. The final cost packages will start at probably around £279 per month on launch and then go up for more advanced design requests.

Does anyone here know anyone who might want to try this out?

Cheers Carsten

Hi Carsten,
I’d be happy to test this out! I have a couple of projects that this might work for. Do you want to drop me an email and we can arrange a time to discuss? It’s hello@legacy-events.com.

Hi Abena,

Great - I just pinged you an email with a 100% discount code and some further instructions. We can also jump on a call and I can explain how the platform works and how you can submit new design requests on Design Buffs.

Awesome to have you among our 5 beta testers.

Warm wishes,

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