Looking for a Conference Venue with 230 Bedrooms!

Hi Tribe!

I hope you may be able to help. We’re a fast growing company and hold residential management conferences three times per year (3 days each time). So I’m looking for a venue we can grow with as we acquire more dealerships across the UK.

The criteria in a nutshell :chestnut:

  • In the UK - near any airport or motorway
  • 230 bedrooms on-site
  • Conference for 250 classroom or cabaret style with 8ft back projection and 8ft stage depth
  • The same room will be used in the evening for private dinner and after dinner speaker - 250 banquet style with open bar (no limits :grimacing:)
  • Not city center - as we’re a motor group so almost everyone drives and has to have parking to accommodate this

I’d be grateful if you could let me know anywhere that would suit :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hi Julianne
Thanks for posting. Have you considered ExCeL London’s Platinum Suite? The website mentions from 400 delegates but having worked on a few events there (including the British Motor Show), I don’t think 250 would be lost and there’s room for the growth you mentioned. The room can easily be reconfigured for dinner. Plus you can get vehicles into that space via a lift if you want to showcase your latest models as part of the event.

ExCeL is right next to London City Airport, has numerous hotels on site and nearby at varying price points: https://www.excel.london/visitor/stay and over 3000 parking spaces.

Hope that’s helpful. Let us know how you get on.


What kind of budget are you working with? Are you looking for somewhere impressive or just functional? What star rating do you want the accommodation to have? And lastly, what time of year will it be held?

Thanks @MelissaJane, I’ll check that out!

My budget is very tight as we’re based in the North East so are used to great (low) prices and of course reluctant to pay more. So functional is usually the best choice for us but has to be good quality. 4 star is ideal but we’ve used 3 star before. And the events usually happen in Feb, June and Nov annually.

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The Belfry (Sutton Coldfield) could be perfect but not the cheapest - 24 hour rate is from £149 per person or Warwick Conferences (£99 24 hour rate). They’re both in The Midlands, so nice and central for people coming from various parts of the country.

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Hi Julianne, have you considered Victoria Warehouse in Manchester? Looks like it has a range of versatile event spaces and a hotel on site.

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Thanks @MelissaJane, great venue! But unfortunately very limited parking which is an important factor for us. Certainly one i’ll keep in mind though.

Thanks as well @Belinda_Booker, I’ve inquired with Warwick and its looking goo so far!! :grin:

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Ah brill! And if you want an impressive off-site gala dinner venue, nearby Warwick Castle is awesome. Check out the themed banquets:

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It is indeed awesome - I used to work there on the medieval banquets!

Did you have to dress up? Any pics?!

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Yes - I was a serving wench. There probably is a photo somewhere but no to hand!

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Brilliant! Would love to see that :grin:

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