Looking for a mentor

Seeking a mentor!

I am 24 and been given the opportunity to project manage a not for profit ecological festival for women in India. I really need some support with this project. Does anyone know where I might find a free mentor to work with? I really need some guidance and pointers on organisation, the correct order to progress and managing other volunteers.

Thanks so much,


Hi Georgina,

I happened to read a little about this yesderday on this thread: How to Hire or be Hired in the Events Industry - AMA with Robert Kenward from June 26 to 29

Also, you may wish to apply to this formal mentorship programme… https://fastforward15.co.uk/

Is there anyone already in your network who you’d like to learn from?

You can find any mentor online you need to have RND and research for it then you will definitely find your desire mentor…